The No-Tool Stool

The Idea

In this project, the goal is to create a wooden furniture. I set myself some constraints to make the choice easier; I wanted an object that we could assemble without any tools and that could come in a as flat and simple as possible package.

No Tool Stool

Building it

I really enjoyed building a prototype because it taught me how to use some new tools. The seat is made from 3 sheets of MDF stacked on each other. I designed every layer in CATIA, exported them to .svg and then cut the layout with a laser cutter. Then the whole thing was glued together and then epoxied and sanded to remove the line between each layer. Then I just applied a few coats of gray paint.

The legs were made with a router, definitely a very useful tool for wood-working.

Project done for the Industrial Design IV class, EPFL, Spring 2019.

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