This is a collection of some articles mentioning my projects. It is mainly for my personal archive but can be useful if you want references. There is no clear requirement for an article to end up in this list. If it generates a significant amount of traffic or if I’ve heard about the website before, I’ll add it. If a link is dead, you can recover it with the Wayback Machine.

The USB-C iPhone Mod

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Business Insider: The first iPhone modded to have a USB-C charging port is being auctioned for over $85,000
The Verge: Let’s talk about the future of USB-C
The Verge [Podcast]: You can now, technically, build your own USB-C iPhone
Gizmodo: The World’s First iPhone With a Working USB-C Port Is Now Up for Auction
Gizmodo: USB-C iPhone Sells for $86,001, Proving Apple Is Leaving Money On the Table
9to5Mac: Want to add a USB-C port to your iPhone? Just follow this super complex guide
GSMArena: The USB-C iPhone X sells for over $86,000
IGN: The First iPhone with USB-C Sold for Over $86,000 on eBay
MacRumors: Student Mods an iPhone X to Add a Functional USB-C Port
SlashGear: USB-C iPhone eBay auction bids have already topped $100,000
Cult of Mac: iPhone X with USB-C port fetches over $86,000 on eBay
Tom’s Guide: The world’s first USB-C iPhone has hit eBay — and it’s now at $90,000
Apple Insider: User-modified iPhone X with USB-C port sells for $86K
VICE: iPhone With Common Sense USB-C Mod Currently Going for $100,000 on eBay
TechSpot: Custom iPhone X with USB-C connector approaches $100K on eBay
Beebom: eBay Listing for the World’s First USB-C iPhone Surpasses $100,000 Mark
GizmoChina: The only iPhone with a USB Type-C port has fetched its owner $86,000 through eBay
CNET: iPhone X with USB-C port sells for $86,001 on eBay
PCMag: iPhone With USB-C Port Is Attracting $100,000 Bids On eBay
Marques Brownlee (MKBHD): Twitter


RTS [TV]: L’iPhone X modifié par un étudiant de l’EPFL vendu 79’000 francs
Watson: Schweizer Student hackt das iPhone und macht aus Apples «Lightning» USB-C
Le Matin: L’iPhone modifié par un étudiant de l’EPFL décolle sur eBay
Bluewin: Lausanner Student bastelt iPhone mit USB-C-Anschluss
Blick: Un iPhone transformé par un étudiant de l’EPFL vaut 85’000 dollars!


ComputerBild iPhone mit USB-C-Anschluss: Das erste Modell kommt nicht von Apple
FutureZone: iPhone mit USB-C: Bei eBay kannst du es schon kaufen – und es funktioniert
Bild: iPhone X bringt über 100 000 Dollar bei Ebay
Golem: Erstes USB-C-iPhone steht bei 100.000 US-Dollar


Journal du Geek: Un iPhone équipé de l’USB-C s’est envolé aux enchères
Clubic: L’étudiant qui a présenté son iPhone avec USB-C dévoile ses secrets via Github pour fabriquer le vôtre
BFM: Le premier iPhone avec un port USB-C vendu pour 75.000 euros


Xataka: Ya puedes tener puerto USB-C en tu iPhone, pero solo es posible si tienes los conocimientos de electrónica necesarios


India Times: Engineering Student’s Modified iPhone With Type-C Port Selling For Over ₹74 Lakh

China / Taiwan

3C: 想要 USB-C 充電的 iPhone 嗎?最高拍賣出價已近 300 萬元
UDN: 技術駭客DIY全球首支USB-C接口iPhone!拍賣出價突破新台幣10萬元

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The Verge: The first USB-C iPhone is here thanks to a mod
Gizmodo: Engineer One-Ups Apple By Adding a Working USB-C Port to an iPhone
Engadget: The USB-C iPhone becomes a reality thanks to a robotics engineer
Tom’s Guide: The world’s first USB-C iPhone isn’t made by Apple
Apple Insider: iPhone gets USB-C thanks to creative robotics engineer
PCMag: Robotics Student Creates the World’s First USB-C iPhone
ZDNet: World’s first USB-C iPhone
Android Authority: A hacker made the USB-C iPhone Apple refuses to make
3D Printing Industry: Engineer Beats Apple to the USB Type-C Charged iPhone using 3D Printing
Yanko Design: The World’s First USB-C iPhone exists… and it wasn’t built by Apple
Cult of Mac: Awesome iPhone mod brings the upgrade everybody wants
MacWorld: An engineering student made a USB-C iPhone because Apple won’t
9to5Mac: Apple won’t make a USB-C iPhone, so a robotics engineer created their own
iDownloadBlog: Robotics engineer proves it’s possible to replace Lightning with USB-C on iPhone


Le Temps: Modifier un iPhone, l’exploit technique d’un étudiant de l’EPFL
20min: Un étudiant crée le premier iPhone doté d’un port USB-C
Digitec: iPhone with USB-C: a Swiss citizen’s success Das iPhone mit USB-C jetzt real — dank Schweizer Tüftler


franceinfo: Un étudiant crée le premier iPhone avec un port USB-C et démonte l’argumentaire d’Apple sur l’impossibilité de le faire
Konbini: Un génie vient de créer un iPhone avec un port USB-C
01net: Cet étudiant suisse a conçu le premier iPhone doté d’un port USB Type-C
HiTek: Apple : Cet Étudiant humilie la marque et prouve que cette fonctionnalité a bien sa place sur un iPhone

South Korea

Insight: 8핀 충전단자 불편해서 못 쓰겠다며 세계 최초 ‘C타입 아이폰’ 만든 유튜버 (영상)


RTBF: Un étudiant crée le premier iPhone avec un port USB-C


WIRED: Come farsi da soli un iPhone con porta usb-c


Tek.No: iPhone med USB Type-C?


Index: Egy mérnök megcsinálta az USB-C-s iPhone-t


VOI: Mahasiswa Robotika asal Swiss Modifikasi iPhone Bisa Gunakan USB-C